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Doro Smart watch Black / Green

Doro Smart watch Black / Green

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Some makers of smartwatches like to amaze consumers with lots of colorful styles, sensors activities. At Doro, we focus more on making sure your watch is easy to use, see and control. For example, its large 1.28" face is specially designed to be easier to read than other smartwatches thanks to large icons and text shown separately and one at a time on a big, bright and sharp display. That’s what people who feel the effects of ageing, but remain young at heart, want and expect from us – simplicity.


Doro Watch is the perfect companion for helping seniors to keep on moving. Press the upper button to open the menu, then swipe to access the various activity tracking and health monitoring features such as running, walking, cycling and fitness. View distance and number of steps covered, heart rate and blood oxygen level, calories burned and sleep quality. The watch also provides notifications of calendar events, incoming calls and text messages, as well as an alert if you have been inactive for too long


Like most Doro products, our smartwatch includes special features designed to bring peace of mind to both you and your relatives. When paired with a Doro smartphone (Android 10.0 and later), its lower button becomes a practical assistance button for activating the Response by Doro service on your phone, automatically sending an alertwith your GPS position to a list of trusted relatives or friends. Paired with an iPhone or other Android phone, the lower button can be used to activate the 'Find my device' functionality.

The multi-functional companion for activity, convenience and peace of mind

Stay active and feel more secure with an elegant smartwatch that provides both motivation and peace of mind throughout every step of your active life. The Doro Watch is specially designed to be easier to read, all thanks to large icons and text shown one by one on a big, bright and sharp display. Simply swipe the display to access the functions you want – from checking the time and notifications to activity tracking and health monitoring. Get even more out of your watch with our health and activity app. Or why not pair it with a Doro smartphone (Android 10.0 and later) to use the watch's assistance button to alert relatives if you should ever need help? In addition, the Doro Watch has exceptional battery life of one full week, and comes with an easy to connect charging cradle. It also has guided instructions for quick and easy set up. So say hello to a new, stylish companion to keep you looking and feeling your best.


For an even fuller experience, your new Doro Watch is designed to work flawlessly with the Doro Companion app, available on both Google Play and App Store. With the app installed on your smartphone, connecting and setting up your watch is very easy. The watch’s icons are the same as in the app, making everything easy to recognise and understand. The Doro Companion app is a great way to easily set goals, monitor your progress and receive friendly motivation to help you reach them

Easy to use with large icons and simple navigation

Easy to read with bright, high-contrast display

Full control for convenience and peace of mind

Key Features

  • Track Exercises, Steps, Heart Rate, Blood Oxygen
  • Response by Doro-powered assistance button.
  • IP68 Water & Dust Resistance


The Doro Watch focuses on being easy to use, easy to see and easy to control. Concentrate on one icon per watch face, with large, clear text. It is just what you would expect from a Doro device.

Users can track exercises, steps, heart rate, blood oxygen levels and notifications on the smartwatch.

Download the Companion app to any smartphone, iOS or Android, to see your data in more detail. When paired with a Doro smartphone, you can access a Response by Doro-powered assistance button.

IP68-rating, Bluetooth connectivity and a crisp, clear 1.28" watch face with the Real Time Operating System make for an incredible smartwatch.

An additional watch strap is available, so choose between either Black and Green or Pink and White.

Box Contents

  • Doro Watch
  • USB-A Watch charger
  • UK Charger
  • Additional strap
  • Quick Start Guide
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